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Event idea Malaysia

Event idea Malaysia

Wonderful Malaysia forms the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable MICE experience. To give you some extra inspiration, we have listed a few famous annual events taking place in our beautiful country.

Event idea Malaysia:

Penang Dragon Boat Festival.

The Penang Dragon Boat Festival was first held in 1979 and has been operated for more than 30 years. It is the most inspiring festival in Malaysia.

The boats are about 10 metres long and manned by a crew of about 20 rowers sitting in pairs.

The boats are painted in bright colours and typically have a huge dragon head decorating the bow and a tail decorating the stern. Races take place throughout the day on the Teluk Bahang Dam in late May or early June. The winners are crowned as kings.

Teams from all over the world compete in intricately designed boats and paddle to the balanced beat of the drum.

The Dragon Boat Festival is an exclusive experience for both local and tourists who visit Penang.

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